International captain / Kansainvälisyysvastaava

The international captain’s role is to take the responsibility of Fuksi upbringing of new exchange and master’s students. This includes planning and organizing events for them, help them integrate into the Finnish student life, help them find new friends and help them find their place in Aalto so they can become Teekkaris!

As the international captain you will part of the AYY’s KvTMK (International committee) where you will get to work with all the other international captains of all the other Teekkari guilds in Aalto. Together you will organize events for all internatioinal students as well as internationally minded people. The committee is there to also help and support you whenever you face some difficulties so you don’t have to necessarily figure them out yourself. You will also meet amazing people, perhaps even life long friends.

International captain is also part of the guild’s Phuksi committee consisting of the fuksicaptain(s), ISO-responsible and the responsible ISO’s. While not part of the committee IE (Host and Hostess) will also be working very closely with you.

Something to note:

  1. This position will start to some degree in January by helping the current international captains here and there. The responsibility will officially be given on possible Wappu. From there on starts the creation of the fuksi guide and some planning.
  2. It is not advised to take too many courses while in this position.
  3. While there are currently 2 international captains, you can apply to this position alone as well.
  4. You will be responsible for 200+ new students.

Any questions regarding the position can be asked here on the forum or message the current captains directly via Telegram @masakilleri or @kaluSCI