Statement for protocol

Dear guild members,

I was asked not to be so personal in the meeting. First of all: I don’t think that my statements in this context were overly personal, I was stating facts. But even if I were personal: In meetings like this we are often enough personal. It’s not like the candidates in guild elections are bound to anything else than their own personality after the election.

Which is why I want to write this to the forum. I proposed some time ago to the board that it should be added to the agenda that the guild votes on the matter wether former international/fuksi captains can become ISO again in the year following their duties. This didn’t go through the board, and I’m not surprised, because quite some the people who made this decision and were involved in it, are sitting in the board.
Being KV-ISO was denied from me this year by the current fuksi committee with changing arguments, one of them being that it would be practically like doubling my position which is frowned upon in TiK. Despite the fact that we always have a shortage of KV-ISOs. This caused me massive problems - as an international student being KV-ISO is crucial for having social life in the guild. People shouldn’t get punished for being active in the community by being excluded afterwards from it. There was a lot of dirt involved in this, which was massively personal.

Anyhow, one of these people is now applying for the position of Fuksi captain and I don’t understand the inconsequence of how this should NOT be counted as doubling then and this person is applying other rules to me than herself? The overall way this decision process was made (for example official decisions made during a party, in chitchat between the responsible people) I wouldnt want to see any of the people involved, including people in the fuksi commitee and the community manager in any responsible position in the guild, since there’s too much risk that they mess with other people’s feelings and reception of the guild if they get power to make decisions over other peoples heads. For example I could be denied being KV-ISO again because my nose doesn’t suit a person that is then once again in the fuksi committee.

I need to give this “to protocol” even if it doesn’t change anyone’s decision
Thank you

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