Ronja Stimpert Suurmartta / Great Grandma 2021

Dear Guild,

I am Ronja and I want to apply for the position of the Great Grandma. I think, I’m the right person for the job, because:

  1. Noone applied for this position so far
  2. I have been part of the committee for around 1,5 years now and therefore a decent amount of experience
  3. I care about the future of the grandma club

I have someone who will support me when the position requires the knowledge of Finnish language.

Since the election came closer I waited for other people to apply for this position, as well as for the international Captain. I care a lot about both positions being in good hands. I made myelf ready to apply for whichever position of these two wouldn’t have any applicant at all.

Now I can’t wait any longer and want to add the following considerations for the guild:
If noone applies for the international captain till the election, I am willing to also take care for now of both positions. I am well aware that under normal circumstances this would be absolutely impossible. But for now I dont expect both positions to require much effort. Who knows how many students plan to study in another country this year, while travelling restrictions are changing permanently? If we wouldn’t have a person to contact about these matters otherwise at all, I want to make the offer to be this person. I can also accept though that it could be better to leave the position open to find someone who wouldn’t have the risk of getting buried under work if all of a sudden the current situation changes.

Feel free o ask questions about my short application.

Rakas kilta,

minä olen Ronja ja haluan asettua ehdolle Suurmarttaksi. Olen sitä mieltä, että olen oikea henkilö oletus tähän virkaan koska:

  1. Kukaan muu ei ole asettunut vielä ehdolle
  2. Olen työskennellyt marttakerhossa nyt jo noin puolitoista vuotta jotain minulle riita kokemusta marttatoiminasta
  3. Marttakerhon tulevaisuus on lähelle sydäntäni

Olen jo hankkinut itselleni apuhenkilön joka auttaa minua suomen kielen kanssa - kuten tästä voitte huomata.