Kiltahuonevastaava / Guild room Manager


Guild room Managers responsibility is to maintain the guilds own guildroom. Guildroom is an important livingroom like place for guild members to hang around, socialize with other members of guild and so on, and you get to shape how this room is going to work.

As guild room manager your jobs are:

  • Run the guild room committee. Your job is to be the manager. Organize planning sessions, draft a budget and so on. You get to decide how you plan to bring the committee up with you. Remember to utilize it, since its more fun to do things with a group.
  • Ensure that guild room stays organized, this does not mean necessarily cleaning, but making sure the place stays in good condition. Typically guild room committee cleans the guild room thoroughly at least once a year.
  • Maintain and get more items, guild room has multiple different furniture and objects that guild members use daily.
  • Do fun side projects, you can basically do whatever you want to make guild room the best place for you. Want to get a new music player system? Go for it.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Guild room manager is a fun role where you can express yourself in a way that most guild members will notice.