International Captain

The role of an International Captain is to ensure that all students, no matter the cultural distance to Finland, feel welcome in the guild. :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:

This is done by building bridges between international students and domestic members. In practice this includes:

  1. Offering translation services to the guild actives :page_with_curl:
  2. Working on fuksi matters alongside the guild’s phuksi committee, where the fuksi captains and the ISO coordinator will be working alongside you! :sparkles:
  3. Providing support to international students :sos:
  4. Leading the guild’s own international committee :crown:
  5. Lastly, working alongside the International Committee of AYY (also known as KvTMK):blue_heart:

One thing that you should keep in mind when applying is that you are more than likely to have the most fuksis as your responsibility out of anyone in Otaniemi :scream:This is why you shouldn’t think of it as anything less than practically being a fuksi captain, just for international students. :sunglasses:

Below, I have listed the three most important things (in my mind!) that are required from you :fire::fire::fire:

  1. Motivation until the possible Wappu 2024!
  2. Be brave enough to step out of your own comfort zone and face challenges!
  3. A preliminary vision for your year!

You are not required to be part of the guild’s board to fill the position and I would not recommend more than one person from the guild’s phuksi committee to apply to the board, unless you have high motivation towards the management side of the guild. :hammer:

If you have any questions about being the International Captain, do not hesitate to contact the current International Captains @jompsku or @servinkummitus.