Game Master / Game Master

The guild’s Game Master is in charge of the Gaming Committee. Together with the committee the Game Master oversees the guild’s collection of games and organizes different game events from board game nights to LAN parties. If we look at the committee through the different games we play, we can divide it roughly to five different sections.

PC gaming
We try to organize two LAN parties every year, one during each semester. This has proven difficult in the past year or two, but hopefully we’ll get back on track next year. In addition to LANs, the guild has an HTC Vive and a Steam account with VR games that can be lent to members for free and taken to the LAN parties for people to try out.

Board games
The guild has a decent collection of board games and the committee budgets some money every year to acquire more. The games are usually kept at the guild room for anyone to borrow for free but we also organize board game nights where we try to take most of the collection to.

Tabletop RPGs
We have a few Dungeon Masters (and are always looking for more as demand for games is high) who run RPG campaigns of different lengths. We encourage anyone with even a bit of interest to take up the mantle of DM, even if they have no previous experience and provide everything needed for a game. Most games are Dungeons & Dragons, for which we have a dndbeyond Master account with almost every book available for DMs and players to use.

The guild has a rich history with Smash, which has been played at the guild room for as long as I can remember. Our Murskaveljekset run two tournaments every year to find the best players in Otaniemi and keep the guild room systems up to date.

Magic: the Gathering
We had our first Magic event in 2019 and it was such a success that we decided to do more. Most of the events are drafts based on the newly released sets and they have been very popular to this day. We are also trying to expand the ever growing Commander community at TIK and successfully ran an introductory commander event this year, so such events should be considered in the future as well to grow our guilds pool of players.

The Game Master’s role in all of this is to make sure everyone (including the committee members) is having fun and to plan out the year’s events while staying within budget. Having at least some interest in all of the different sections of the committee will be very helpful, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to delegate responsibilites to committee members. This year the committee has 11 members including the Game Master and most of them have been active and helped out in organizing, so you shouldn’t need to worry about taking full responsibility of everything the committee does as there is a lot of it.

Also keep in mind that what the commitee does right now doesn’t have to be all it does in the future. There is always room to bring in new types of games and events and I’m sure you’ll find excited guild members to try out whatever you have in mind. This role always has a lot of room to innovate as the world is not running out of games anytime soon.

If you have any questions, send them to Eemeli on Telegram: @ofDust