Eero Eklund for Game Master

Greetings! I’m Eero, a gamer, and applying to be the guild’s upcoming Game Master. After working in the Gaming Committee for a year, I see myself as fit for the role.

As the GM, I’d be faithful to its current roles of keeping the guild’s Magic: The Gathering community tight and organizing its various events throughout the year.

However, I believe that I’ll be able to broaden the scope of the Game Committee beyond what it has been during the past year. Namely, I’m interested in organizing events that are generally more accessible to all members of the guild, not just fans of the core games like Smash and MTG. I’m thinking this could be achieved through more frequent board game nights or open introductory sessions to games like Dungeons & Dragons.

When it comes to the committee’s responsibilities in the guild room, I’ll aim to give guild members more of a voice in what games will be available in the guild room. I’m aware that, specifically, options on the consoles are limited and stale. (And the guild still has no chessboard.) Still, these decisions will have to be made with budgetary constraints in mind.

I am not explicitly reluctant to answer questions either here or on:
Telegram: @Mulkeero
Steam: Steam Community :: Zerosiini
Roblox: Zerosiini - Roblox

Safe travels,
Eero Eklund

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Moi Eero Eklund! Mahtavaa että rooli kiinnostaa sinua.
Mikä on sinun lempi pelisi?


Moikkelis nakkihomo,
Onpa kiva kysymys! :slight_smile: Pidin eniten Hollow Knightistä vielä vuosi sitten, mutta nyt Outer Wilds on suosikkini. Kannattaa pelaa nopee!!


Greetings Eero :wink:
Love seeing you run for Game Master Committee :8ball: :ping_pong:

Some tricky gaming questions for you :shushing_face:

  1. Please fill this :night_with_stars: tier list: Ultimate Video Games (2022) :knot: :tiger2:

  2. What are your thoughts on the hit video game Mir-Mahna? :iran: :point_up_2:

  3. What is your favorite Roblox face? What about your favorite Roblox head? :badminton:

Emilia “emialis” Repo :fox_face:

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Salutations Emialisia :saluting_face:
Thank you for the kind words :space_invader: :video_game:

I will make an attempt to address your pressing questions sufficiently :smiling_face:

  1. It has been done. I hope you appreciate the effort: Definitively ultimate video games tier list listing all video games ever conceived, developed and delivered - Album on Imgur :cow2: :sari:

  2. I will never forget how much this masterpiece has shaped my life and given me the strength to overcome adversities life has thrown my way. :uganda::mechanical_leg:
    In short:
    Mir-Mahna (sometimes spelled Mir Mahna ) is a computer game based on the life of Mir Mahna, an amir of Kharg, Iran who successfully fought against Dutch colonial forces in Iran during the reign of Nader Shah in the 1740s.[1] Introduced in August 2010 at Gamescom,[2] Mir-Mahna officially was released in Tehran, Iran in February 2011 and was supported by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation.[1][3][4][5][6]

  3. Wow! What an interesting question! I love this specific Roblox Avatar Face in particular: :field_hockey: :face_holding_back_tears:

Although Ihibiscus’ :hibiscus: (snowqueen :snowflake: (Elsa :crown: (Shoe :mans_shoe: ))) face is pretty ok as well

Zerosiini “Mulkeero” Eklund :eggplant:


Dear MrZez0zer,

I appreciate your responses to my inquiries.
To my regret it seems like you failed to provide a sufficient answer to my last question - what is your favourite Roblox head shape (classic)

Looking forward to your explanation
Emilia “emialis” Repo

Dearest kopsukkayt,

Thank you for reaching out to inform me about this critical blunder. I had no intention of withholding crucial information from the public and I humbly apologize for seemingly deceiving my people.
To answer your question, I have a particular liking for the tried and true “Diamond” head shape in the 2006 online game platform and game creation system Roblox. (See Figure 1.)
This is due to the fact that it reminds me of the hit song :gem: MINE DIAMONDS | miNECRAFT PARODY OF TAKE ON ME - YouTube :gem:. I recommend to listen quickly.
Figure 1.

Looking forward to receiving more questions,
Eero “apititi02” Eklund

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Hi Eero :stuck_out_tongue:

How amazing to see that you are running for Game Master :video_game:
Since you wanted more questions, I have carefully thought of some for you! :question:

  1. How often would you like to organize gaming events for the guild? :calendar:

  2. I have noticed that the guild’s Discord server is not very active - do you think there some ways the server could be utilized by the Gaming Committee? :sleeping:

  3. What is your favorite Roblox game? :roller_coaster:

Best regards,
Elsa “snowqueen” Schumacher :snowflake: :athletic_shoe:

hi team,

  1. there are many game-centric clubs in aalto. What can the gaming committee offer that differs from the other clubs?
  2. are there ways to make tik members touch grass more often?

gl hf
filip eller

Hey Elsa :smiling_face:

Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement :joystick:
and these thrilling questions! :bangbang:

  1. It is difficult to give an exact answer at this moment, but I am looking to organize bi-weekly or even weekly game nights in the guild room where people are able to play Smash, DnD, and various board games.
  2. The Discord server is admittedly somewhat dead at the moment but I can see many uses for it. For example, guild members could partake in gaming events like the ones in TiKLAN, like Fall Guys tournaments and Minecraft sessions. The server does need a bit of an overhaul, and most people don’t even know about its existence, so there is a lot of work to do.
  3. My favorite Roblox game is without a doubt Bitcoin Miner :pick: [Beta]!! :star_struck: :8ball:

Better regards,
Eero “Zerosiini” Eklund :zero: :fuelpump:

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Hello MrZer0zer,

what are your thoughts on the Roblox game Obby but you’re a ball?

Emilia “emialis” Repo

sup team please join voice chat,

  1. some of the notable ones I can think of are Aalto Gamers and Polygame. The former holds events for a very narrow set of games like LoL and CS:GO and their events seem to have a very competitive nature. Polygame appears to only offer their computers for private LAN events but they don’t seem to hold events that their members can attend.
    What our gaming committee has going for it against these clubs is its activity and sense of community; guild members have a very low threshold to take part in the events and our active guild ensures there are gamers for any niche. The committee’s variety in the types of gaming it offers is unrivaled by any single association.
  2. I regret to inform you that this issue is outside the scope of the gaming committee.

gg ez
eero eklund


Awesome that you applied to a position in guild!

The others have asked many good questions already! I have few questions too.

What is your viewpoint for inclusivity ouf guild’s activities. Would you describe the ways it has been endorsed in our community?

What do you think is good already, and what needs improvement?

Do you think whether it is necessary to gather a (board driven) group to advocate for how to improve inclusivity or something similar to that?

Best regards,



Mahtavaa, että hait mukaan killan toimintaan!

Muut ovat kyselleet jo tosi hyvin kaikkea. Minulla on muutama kyssäri kanssa :slight_smile:

Mikä on näkemyksesi siitä, miten killan toiminta on inlusiivista ja miten sitä on tähän asti edistetty yhteisössämme?

Mikä toimii ja missä pitäisi parantaa mielestäsi?

Mikä on näkemyksesi jonkinlaisen hallitusvetoisen inklusiivisuutta edistävän ryhmittymän tai muun vastaavan tarpeen?



Hi EmiAliS,

I am personally not familiar with the game in question. However, I will delegate the task of playing through reviewing it to a volunteer from the gaming committee as soon as I have the power.

Eero “Zerosiini” Eklund